I rode a boat a few inches across the
living room floor

there were some engine problems – nothing that couldn’t be
fixed by adding more coats and pillows

just before that I had saved my son multiple
times from a torrential rain storm, gale-force winds between
the couch and tall floor lamp

trapped under a bolder, I preserved his life by pressing the right button on an imaginary remote control
instantly un-sticking his arm from under the weight of the huge ottoman rock

what you have to understand is that – amazingly –
while all this happened my other (ten month old)
son banged a plastic hamburger against
half a plastic bun and it made a funny hollow sound

this is true

I started and restarted the boat, rode out against the giant waves
again rescued my innocent child from a monster grabby chair

[and somewhere, in another living room
the “news” was on]