In the Back Yard with My Two-year Old Daughter

big ball
bigg ballll!
big red ball
bigg wred ball

see big has to do with it’s size, or volume
volume is like how much space something takes up
space is three dimensions like here, here,
and here

a ball is like a sphere – an idealized geometric form
yeah the earth is like a sphere, almost, the earth is
the planet you live on, anyway volume of a sphere is v=4/3pi r^3

Now, r stands for the radius
the distance from here to here and pi
yes we say, “pie”, is a universal constant
it’s amazing! the ratio of the circumference to the diameter
of any circle in the universe equals the same, unending number, pi, anyway, hmmm?

Oh, circumference is just how far to go all-the-way-around and
diameter? that’s just twice the radius, and so
“red” is just a word we have for a particular frequency of light
that the ball reflects, see there are kazillions of waves of
light  hitting that ball right now, only some of them bounce off
the rate which those waves vibrate are just right to make your eyes say,


and, Hmm? Yes, slide
tall slide
tawl side
tall green slide
tawl geen side