FAQ: Instructions for Living

Life throws you a curve ball?

come out of left field
make lemonade

The going gets tough?

shuffle the cards
find a paddle

Life got you on the ropes?

cut ropes, use as straps
to pull up on boots

Painted into a corner?

find the outside of a box
think inside it

Don’t have a leg to stand on?

put your foot down, get a shoe that fits
wear it

Going down the tubes?

apply elbow grease and
go with the flow

Banging your head against the wall?

remove wall
find helmet

Jone’s grass is always greener?

adjust scope
offer to mow it

Between a rock and hard place?

catch 22 birds
with one stone

Listen.  Buy a new box of
chocolates. Mix with a bowl
of cherries and deal a new hand.
Just do it.

or don’t.
whatever you do,
know this