Reference Frames

I lay at rest
with respect to my bed

My wife, next to me is
spinning 1000 miles per hour as
seen from the moon

distant light from the sun
eight minutes into the past
bounces from the moon and
in 1.25 seconds down to our

Half illuminating my sleep face
partially filling the space between
us in shadows while
suddenly, she, in college now, drive 60 miles per hour (24 meters per second)
in her 1991 White Mazda RX7
past the still spring trees, shiny corner stores and

lying there, still
not measuring time but realizing her past
I’m side glancing half-eyed at

the future (12 years ago now), where
she and I will meet
baggage and all
dancing in the breezeway
at seven o’clock, together synchronized

saying “I love you”
for the first time