The Girl on the Chair Breathes

Flocculating oxygen flows in and fills the expanding inner volume of her lungs as

the atoms in her chair are vibrating; electromagnetic pressure pressing up against her
holding each and every sub-atomic part of her body; floating above the floor

molecules in her muscles move in rhythms of retraction and extension endlessly
firing the nerves to tighten and release, push and pull, grab and let go

red blood cells bubbling, tumbling through the smooth internal tubes
of her arteries approaching each soft organ with warm wet energy

electrons in her skin spin gyroscopically with magnetic moments
pointing in and out, back and forth, relentlessly radiating into space

single strands of her hair hang vertically sloping against the surface of her cheek
surrendering to the gentle gravitational attraction of the round earth

Now lungs contracting, connected to carbon the air ascends out to glide past her lips