bullet spit from gun held by
short arm thick shoulder
Jonathon (man with keenest
eyes set behind blurry thick glass windows)
He in speeding car cruising along
deck of moving boat
steam stream-lining atop
current of         moving water
I'm riding with him,
I'm on shore
anywhere allover unhesitatingly
with his mind
to ponder on the bullet
velocity, v.

Now, Jonathon how many vectors do we have?
The bullet, you, the car, the boat, the water, the bank upon the earth, earth around sun
so far seven and
each velocity vector has it's own magnitude and direction
where that bullet goes or who it hits is all determined by these vectors
I might wonder from the engine room of the boat, the back seat of the car, or on another boat going downstream
but from wherever I ask, that bullet
will end up in one place

won't it?