Let me tell you how to be

stand up, alone
get a good network of connections
and work for yourself to please the customer
push papers, turn wrenches, sit at a desk
be honest, reliable,  do whatever you can
one-hundred and ten percent within your limits
make good money and always smile
take your time for
there’s no time to waste
look out! for number one, plan ahead
looking both ways
don't trust anyone
have some faith, it could be worse,
everyone makes mistakes
but don’t screw this up
stick to it, never quit,
know when to
back out

look, don't take crap from anyone
listen to everyone
pay your bills on time

do what you gotta do and be sensitive to others
make something of yourself, selflessly
admit you're weak, be strong,  have your sins forgiven
love your enemies
have a nice day